Gorilla Line 127/140*20mm Microfiber

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Gorilla Line 127/140*20mm Microfiber MICROFIBER  – CUT N’ POLISH PAD   The GORILLA Microfiber Pad features a unique design with a loop of dual-fibers,  which provides a maximum surface contact during polishing. This makes it the perfect one-step pad to r emove scratches, holograms and other surface defects, whilst leaving a high gloss finish. Best use with the Monkey Heavy Cut Compound for deeper paint imperfections or the Monkey Medium Cut Compound for lighter paint imperfections.   Properties: Washable High-quality foam and Velcro Unique Dual-Loped-Fiber Design Safety edge Easy in use Clean properly during polishing! For use with Random Orbital and Gear Driven Machines   This Pad comes in 3 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch.

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